Mr. R.P. Singh, Founder

Children are the centre of universe, their welfare and happiness must be our ultimate goal. Education is a tool that can empower our Student to change the destiny of a nation. We felt the need to have this right kind of education at Maunath Bhanjan that provides global outlook with roots firmly embedded in our culture.

Rambhajan Post Graduate College has a legacy of its own in the field of education, it will not only provide quality education par excellence but will also create a platform for positive, progressive likeminded people to converge and create. The central conception of education in India has been that it is the source of illumination guiding us in all spheres of life. It takes into account the entire sphere of life giving a sense of perspective and proportion.

We have set very high goals and standards for our College .Each and every student will be provided with opportunity to realize his or her potential by focusing on individual differences and right frequency between teacher and the taught. The education imparted must ensure students learn how to think rather than what to think. Education is about the total configuration of ideas, practices and conduct.

I seek your continuous support, cooperation and motivation.