It gives me immense sense of pride as our dream of bringing quality education par excellence comes true. I believe that education is the most important tool that shapes the future of any individual, society or nation at large. We wanted to build a college that not only catered to best amenities and facilities but also focused on learning process that is enjoyed by our students, a unique concept of imparting knowledge where student learn by experience and application.

Personality of an individual and what one is going to be very much depends on the experiences one acquires during his/her college life. We at Ram Bhajan Degree College strive to fill these years with joy of learning. We have a well crafted curriculum that promises to impart knowledge acquisition with emphasis on sports and technology as tools, global outlook, communication skill, decision making, critical thinking, accepting responsibility, setting goals for healthy living, coping with emotions and stress, time management and other essential life skills. I see my vision getting wings. Building this College has driven my passion to provide the best in the chosen field and shall stay committed to it. What you see today is a new born baby just opening its eyes to the world. As time unfolds, further you shall see Ram Bhajan Post Graduate College in its complete glory and I shall not leave any stone unturned to make it an undisputed leader in the field of education.

We will work continuously towards progress, and as said “Progress is progress only when it’s continuous” and only constant thing in the world is change. We will constantly adapt to the latest technology available in the field of education and will not compromise on anything less than the best.

I seek your continuous support, cooperation and motivation.

Saurav Singh
Ram Bhajan Post Graduate College
Chakhusen, Thalaipur, Mau